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An Apple A Day Won’t Keep The Dentist Away!

An Apple A Day Won’t Keep The Dentist Away!


Tooth decay refers to cavities that occur when bacteria builds in your mouth and start producing acid that destroys your teeth. Overlooking tooth decay during the initial stages may cause infection, severe pain and the loss of tooth. The decay progression begins with the hidden damage to the enamel of your teeth and then gradually spreads to inner layers of the tooth, ultimately resulting in a pulp. The pulp of your teeth comprises of highly sensitive nerves and blood vessels.

The major causes of tooth decay include:

  • Poor Oral Hygiene Practices
  • Deep Tooth Crevices and Enamel Issues
  • Improper Nutrition
  • Acidic Foods and Drinks
  • Dry Mouth Issues
  • Tooth Grinding

How to prevent tooth decay?  

  1. Brush your teeth at least twice a day with a toothpaste containing fluoride. If possible, brush after having meals and especially before you go off to bed.
  2. Clean between your teeth on a daily basis using dental floss or inter-dental cleaners.
  3. Use a fluoride-containing mouthwash to rinse your mouth because some mouthwashes contain antiseptic ingredients that kill bacteria that cause plaque.
  4. Drink at least one pint of fluoridated water daily as it protects the children from tooth decay.
  5. Eat balanced and nutritious meals and limit the fatty snacks. Keep away from carbohydrates like chocolates, pretzels and chips. If you eat sticky foods, don’t forget to brush your teeth soon afterwards.
  6. Consult your dentist about dental sealants (an artificial protective coating) applied to the chewing surfaces of your back teeth (molars) to protect them from decay.

Teach Your Child Good Dental Habits.


Healthy dental habits can prove to be of immense benefit if taught right from the beginning. Parents should supervise and monitor their kids’ dental habits. Experts from Narayan Dental Clinic say that same rules go for children and adults, as far as dental hygiene is concerned. Parents should teach children to brush and floss at least two times a day. Children below the age of six should be managed and helped by the parents till they learn to do it by themselves properly.

As far as children are concerned, a small pea-sized quantity of toothpaste is enough. Too much toothpaste can create a lot of foam, which makes it tough for little children to brush properly. Kids must be told repeatedly that post brushing they should spit out the toothpaste because swallowing it can cause a condition called fluorosis due to which the teeth can be stained permanently. It is advised that parents must encourage the children to develop a habit of brushing twice a day. Parents must also teach the young ones to clean the mouth with water after every meal.

Teach the children to brush gently because a lot of children apply a lot of pressure while brushing. Doing this may cause damage to the teeth in the long run. Tell them that brushing too firmly can push the gums up and cause blisters in the mouth.

Parents should know that teaching children about dental health can be more enjoyable when older siblings of little children help the parents to teach good dental habits to the younger ones. If your child has a brother or sister who already knows about the importance of dental health then ask him or her to help your younger one. Apart from this, you must also educate your child about the ill impact of junk food and sweet food items on the teeth.

All you need to know about wisdom teeth


Wisdom teeth are found at the very back of the mouth and they have been called the most notorious teeth. A lot of people face difficulties with their wisdom teeth and most of them get them removed in order to get some relief. They are called wisdom teeth because they appear in between the age of 17 and 21-when a person is considered old enough to have gained some wisdom.

Experts from Candy Dental Care say that the wisdom teeth that are in a good physical shape and are in the correct position usually don’t cause any sort of problems. However, if these wisdom teeth have grown out to be in a tilted position then they may cause a lot of pain and trouble. You may experience a problem if any of the following symptoms occur:

  • Your wisdom teeth come out of your gums in such a way that a flap of gum tissue grows over them. This flap can lead to a hollow surface in which food particles might get trapped and cause a serious gum infection.
  • In case your wisdom teeth come in a crooked shape then also they can cause a great deal of irritation by bothering the inner lining of your mouth. In such cases, the dentists advise the patients to get them removed.
  • Another common situation is that a lot of people’s jaws are not large enough to give space to wisdom teeth that are slightly bigger in shape and size. In such a situation these teeth often lead to cuts and bruises in the inner lining of the mouth.

If your wisdom teeth are triggering difficulties then you possibly will have symptoms like pain or jaw stiffness near the affected area. Maximum problems with wisdom teeth disturb people between the ages of 17-25 and if the problem is beyond control then that requires the removal of wisdom teeth.


Strawberries for a million dollar smile

Everyone adores ingestion. we have a tendency to do 3 suppers a day: breakfast, lunch and supper, however, our dietary patterns ne’er finish here. we would like to get pleasure from snacks amid reprieve times. These everyday exercises create our teeth wedged with doing the grinding procedure of every sustenance we have a tendency to eat. Since ingestion is one amongst our propensities, we have a tendency to got to perpetually bear in mind that not all sustenance square measure helpful for our teeth. we must always analyze that sustenance can create our teeth robust.

Dental practitioners at Candy Dental Care do their half in serving to you to possess solid teeth and gums but you wish to try and do your half reception too. The sustenance we have a tendency to eat assume a part in whether or not our teeth are sound or not. {you square measure|you’re} possibly substantially aware that food that’s loaded with sugar are terrible for your teeth nonetheless would you say you’re aware that there’s food that’s sensible for your teeth? Impress your tooth doctor at Candy Dental Care for your next visit along with your insight of sound wholesome choices for your teeth.

Strawberries square measure delectable also as exceptionally filmable, and there square measure varied ways that during which you’ll add strawberries to your daily diet. it’s exhausting to trust that one thing as flavourous as strawberries will likewise be loaded with supplements, nonetheless truly, there square measure indeterminable dietary blessings of ingestion strawberries.

You can get this delectable organic product throughout the complete year but they’re significantly delicious and plump time period to Sept and with over 600 assortments every with a unique flavor, texture and size, there’s absolute to be a strawberry out there that tickles your style buds.

Strawberries are rich in natural acid which empowers to expel stain from teeth naturally. Now, the question is raised how strawberries brighten teeth. The process is extremely straightforward. Cut the strawberry into two sections and rub it on your teeth and gums. Abandon it for once in a while and wash with warm water. This system uproots tartar and mends the gums. Washing your teeth with strawberries along with half tsp of baking soda, empower you to expel stains from your teeth. Strawberries contain fluoride which is viable in fortifying bones and teeth in this way avert dental caries. In a recent study, it has been demonstrated that the vicinity of folate in strawberries makes teeth bright and sound. Along these lines, strawberry goes about as a natural tooth whitener.

Lemon Juice is harming your teeth!


Researchers have shown that it’s definitely doable that regular consumption of juice will eat away at the outer enamel layer of the teeth. It goes while not expression that juice is extraordinarily acidic in nature and it’s notably high on acid.

The outer enamel layer of our teeth is extremely abundant mineralized and also the main mineral in our enamel is thought as hydroxyapatite. it’s a crystal of substance and it’s primarily created from atomic number 20 and phosphorus. The chemical composition of acid and atomic number 20 is such sometimes these substances mix along to create atomic number 20 turn. consultants from Candy Dental Care say that this chemical science fusion between acid and atomic number 20 is that the chief reason that fruits with high acid concentration will upset the enamel. most of the researchers on this matter have disclosed that fruit crush is additionally acidic in nature however it’s not as acidic as juice.

Experts make a case for that plenty of individuals feel that lemon may be a natural blanching agent and, therefore, they use it to color their teeth however it’s a wrong apply as regular and frequent consumption of lemon will build your teeth for good broken once a while.

Yes, it’s true that lemon water is nice for systema alimentarium and it’s various alternative advantages yet however its result on the teeth may be a explanation for concern. therefore to counter this downside variety of dentists and health consultants have prompt it many times that the juice extracted from acidic fruits ought to be consumed with the assistance of a straw because it would guarantee restricted contact with the enamel. in our own way to save lots of your teeth from acidic food things is to scrub your mouth with plain water once intake them.

Professional Dental Advice about Brushing Your Teeth!


You must be already responsive to the actual fact that brushing your teeth is an important a part of your daily routine. tho’ it’s a awfully straightforward activity however still a great deal of individuals screw in a very wrong approach. Dental consultants from Candy Dental Care say that to stay your teeth healthy and powerful you would like to be thorough with the method of cleanup them with the assistance of flossing and brushing. scan on to grasp varied necessary aspects involving brushing that may assist you to keep up the health and shine of your teeth:

The Right Technique :

Correct brushing technique is really straightforward. attempt positioning the comb in your non-dominant hand so as to avoid golf shot an excessive amount of pressure on your teeth and gums. you want to place the toothbrush on your teeth and move it to and fro in a very circular motion. continually keep in mind that the bristles should cowl each side of each tooth alternatively it might not be able to clean the difficult areas around and between your teeth.

Don’t Ignore Gums and Tongue :

Various studies and researches have discovered the actual fact that gums and tongue square measure 2 areas wherever most of the bacterium and germs will be found. thus whereas brushing your teeth you want to additionally keep in mind to wash your gums and tongue in a very correct approach. you’ll use a tongue cleaner to stay your tongue clean. you’ll clean your gums with the assistance of your toothbrush however confirm that the bristles of your toothbrush square measure super soft!

Change Your Brush often :

Some folks simply don’t provides a thought to that however ever-changing your toothbrush is a crucial factor. when each 3 to four months you want to replace your toothbrush with a replacement one for sure! you want to additionally detain mind to use smart quality dental product.

Do you suffer from Tooth Sensitivity?


Teeth sensitivity refers to the dental condition once someone feels sudden pain or stark sensation within the lining of 1 or additional teeth. consultants from Candy Dental Care say that sensitive teeth might rob you from the enjoyment of intake your favorite food things, therefore, you would like to become alert as presently as your teeth show the initial signs of sensitivity. individuals with sensitive teeth usually expertise a stark pain and this keeps them uncomfortable and uneasy whereas intake or drinking something.

Dental consultants say that depletion of the solid body substance is that the major cause behind the sensitivity. because of the depletion, the sensitive middle layer of the affected tooth gets exposed and therefore the nerve endings gift during this layer get irritated by the food things that someone chuck. Generally, too hot and too cold foods and drinks cause nice disturbance to the nerve endings. this is often the rationale behind the severe pain within the affected tooth.

There square measure variety of reasons that may lead someone towards the matter of tooth sensitivity however the main reasons are:

Brushing the teeth during a} very rough manner on a daily basis. Gradually, this habit will wear away the solid body substance.
Poor oral hygiene is additionally one in all the main reasons behind sensitive teeth.
Unhealthy intake habits or an excessive amount of consumption of food also can cause variety of dental problems as well as sensitivity.
Untreated cavities within the tooth also can result in sensitivity.
Harmful chemicals employed in the procedure of tooth lightening.

The best thanks to stand back from the sensitive tooth is to keep up correct oral hygiene. you want to try and wash your mouth once each meal so as to scrub away the food particles. If you’re thinking that that you simply too square measure littered with tooth sensitivity then you want to build your thanks to the medical man as presently as possible!

Reasons Behind Tooth Discoloration.


In today’s world look matters loads because the youth has become to a fault conscious. everybody desires to appear adequate to be noticed by the society. Well, to be honest, a smile plays a large role in adding to the attractiveness of someone. A bright smile will virtually cause you to look pleasant and engaging. As a matter of reality, for a unflawed smile, you wish the un flawed set of teeth. discolored And yellow teeth will have an adverse impact on your overall temperament. specialists from Candy Dental Care say that there area unit varied reasons that result in tooth discoloration. scan on to grasp these reasons:

  1. Foods and beverages:Certain food things resembling tea, coffee, cold drinks, wines, candies, chocolates, etc. will damage the solid body substance and may leave permanent stains. by artificial means coloured foods have the potential to wreck the surface of the teeth within the long-standing time thus it’s better to limit the consumption of such quite food things.
  2. Tobacco Addiction:This goes while not spoken communication that tobacco is one in every of the highest most threats to the looks of teeth. Frequent smoking or manduction of tobacco will rob the teeth of their natural color and cause permanent harm to them. excluding tooth discoloration, tobacco addiction will result in varied different health issues still.
  3. Poor Dental Hygiene:Numerous folks have admitted the actual fact that they become lazy once it involves oral hygiene. This ends up in varied dental problems resembling tooth discoloration, cavities, trauma gums, etc. Therefore, it’s very necessary to take care of an honest oral hygiene.
  4. Accidents:Sometimes AN injury may impact the looks of the teeth. a tough fall or another injury will hurt the dental space and it may lead to the discoloration of the teeth.

Foods that stain your teeth!


Tooth enamel is very vulnerable and may get stained by the constant consumption of bound food things. The solid body substance absorbs the colour of foods and beverages and this leaves a yellow or brown tint on your teeth. Therefore, specialists from Candy Dental Care counsel that we have a tendency to should take additional care of our teeth so as to stay them white and bright. browse on to understand many expendable things that may stain your teeth within the long run:

  • Coffee: Most folks area unit occasional addicts, however the reality is that excessive occasional is unhealthy for your teeth. occasional is dark in color and frequent consumption will leave chromatic stains on your teeth.Tea: we have a tendency to love tea the maximum amount as we have a tendency to love occasional, however sadly it additionally has the flexibility to stain the teeth within the long haul. the simplest method is to modify to tea or seasoning teas.
  • Red Wine: It sure as shooting is one in every of the foremost admired beverages within the world, however thanks to its deep color it additionally holds the potential of harming the solid body substance by staining it.
  • Coloured Soda: this can be one item that instantly ends up in discoloration of teeth. The acid acids gift in coloured soda area unit harmful enough to corrode the solid body substance and causes a stain.
  • Fruit Juices: Juices, notably dark coloured juices resembling grape and cranberry, will leave a colourful shade on the teeth and tongue. you’ll be able to eat whole fruits rather than drinking juices. just in case you prefer juices, then the simplest issue is to scrub your mouth totally with water presently when drinking juice.
  • Candies and Chocolates: These sweeties aren’t thus sweet towards the health of our teeth and gums. aside from staining the teeth, they additionally cause cavities and different dental problems.

Smile makeover before the wedding.


A once in a lifetime affair but the most awaited and priceless one too! A wedding calls for a lot if preparation and running around but don’t let it come in your way of looking stunning, it’s your wedding after all.

All the preparations are made, everything else tied up perfectly and for all the other things you have your loved one’s to take care. All you have to do on your wedding day is stand on the stage a flash that million dollar smile of yours!

Candy Dental Care helps you whiten and brighten your breathtaking smile to match to the perfection of everything else.

Here are some treatments you can go for to smile your way through the love of your life along with everyone else present:

Cleaning: Sometimes all you need is a little brushing up before the big day. The cleaning done a few days prior to your wedding by expert professionals at Candy Dental Care will make you ready for the day without much ado.

Whitening: Going for a professional teeth whitening is also a great idea. It also helps in hiding basic crooked, overlapped or spaced teeth issues quite effectively.

Tooth contouring: This is a great option for people with minute problems in their teeth like uneven teeth, chipped tooth or the like. Tooth contouring process is just like filing your nails wherein there is no pain involved but you know something is being done to them. The teeth are basically evened to perfection.

Porcelain veneers: If your problem is a little graver than you can go for porcelain veneers. It covers all the cracked, chipped and stained teeth very smartly. All you have to do then is flash out that beautiful smoke all the way.

Invisalign: This process requires time. It is a wire free and braces free way to straightened teeth. These are invisible aligners that can be easily removed every time you want to nibble. Also, lose a few kilos with these aligners as laziness to remove them to eat will surely make you avoid untimely munching.

With a gorgeous smile, you’ll not only bag loads of compliments that day but will certainly get queries till much later.

The happiness on the money well spent and decision timely taken to go for a smile makeover before your marriage will always make you proud of yourself every time you’ll see your sparkling smile while going through your wedding album.

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