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Foods that stain your teeth!

Foods that stain your teeth!


Tooth enamel is very vulnerable and may get stained by the constant consumption of bound food things. The solid body substance absorbs the colour of foods and beverages and this leaves a yellow or brown tint on your teeth. Therefore, specialists from Candy Dental Care counsel that we have a tendency to should take additional care of our teeth so as to stay them white and bright. browse on to understand many expendable things that may stain your teeth within the long run:

  • Coffee: Most folks area unit occasional addicts, however the reality is that excessive occasional is unhealthy for your teeth. occasional is dark in color and frequent consumption will leave chromatic stains on your teeth.Tea: we have a tendency to love tea the maximum amount as we have a tendency to love occasional, however sadly it additionally has the flexibility to stain the teeth within the long haul. the simplest method is to modify to tea or seasoning teas.
  • Red Wine: It sure as shooting is one in every of the foremost admired beverages within the world, however thanks to its deep color it additionally holds the potential of harming the solid body substance by staining it.
  • Coloured Soda: this can be one item that instantly ends up in discoloration of teeth. The acid acids gift in coloured soda area unit harmful enough to corrode the solid body substance and causes a stain.
  • Fruit Juices: Juices, notably dark coloured juices resembling grape and cranberry, will leave a colourful shade on the teeth and tongue. you’ll be able to eat whole fruits rather than drinking juices. just in case you prefer juices, then the simplest issue is to scrub your mouth totally with water presently when drinking juice.
  • Candies and Chocolates: These sweeties aren’t thus sweet towards the health of our teeth and gums. aside from staining the teeth, they additionally cause cavities and different dental problems.

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